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Is your office AC having issues? Call us to discuss replacement so you can feel comfortable at work again!

No matter what HVAC equipment your company uses, it will eventually wear down and stop working. Business can’t take any interruptions, so you must replace your commercial HVAC system ASAP.

Cusano Air Conditioning & Heating offers commercial HVAC replacement in South Florida. With our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience, we can find a commercial solution that fits your needs and budget.

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How Long Does a Commercial HVAC Last?

The typical commercial HVAC system lasts anywhere between 10 and 15 years - potentially longer depending on care and maintenance. Generally speaking, HVAC lifespan depends on usage conditions and the climate in your area. Outdoor stressors and installation quality can also affect system lifespan.

Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC System?

Commercial HVAC systems must operate at a high level to regulate temperatures in large business spaces. If you are having trouble with your HVAC equipment, you may wonder if it’s worth getting HVAC repairs or replacing the entire thing.

If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, replacement is usually the best option. Repairs can restore standard functionality, but the system will be more likely to fail in the future due to its age. Installing a new air conditioning has a more considerable upfront cost, but it can save you time and money on repair costs in the future.

Below are some other benefits of commercial HVAC replacement over repair.


Old HVAC equipment wears down, and thus no longer works in optimal condition. When your HVAC struggles, your power bills can skyrocket while HVAC performance remains the same or worsens. Utility bills for commercial buildings can be expensive, so installing a new machine dramatically increases energy efficiency and can save you a lot of money.

New Tech

Moreover, new HVAC equipment features new, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient technology. New HVAC systems have automated thermostats and WiFi capabilities, which further increase your level of control.

Repair Frequency

The older your HVAC system, the more frequently it will need repairs. This can significantly cut into your business revenue. So, if you find yourself making frequent repairs, you may want to consider a replacement.


A replacement HVAC system can be beneficial if you have just remodeled your business space. New models might work better with the new dimensions and materials of your building. You may also need to modify your system due to building modifications.

How Much Does Commercial HVAC Replacement Cost?

HVAC replacement costs depend on the brand, time of year, and installation conditions. We understand that financing a new HVAC project can present a significant financial strain. We offer competitive prices and will work with business owners to find an HVAC solution that fits their needs and budget.

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