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Need your commercial refrigeration unit or freezer repaired? Call 954-472-8002 for fast and efficient service!

When working with perishables, you must take care. Whether you own a restaurant, a bar, a convenience store, or otherwise, commercial refrigeration keeps your business running. Faulty wiring or broken units put a dent in both supply and funds.

When Florida gets hot, we keep your perishables cool. Cusano Air Conditioning & Heating sends our specialized technicians to your door and helps install, diagnose, and fix commercial refrigeration systems. Call us at 954-472-8002 for your refrigeration maintenance and repair.

The Cold Storage Units We Fix

While refrigerators and freezers immediately come to mind when considering cold storage, many other units also rely on cooling systems, including:

  • Deli cases
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Draft beer systems
  • Prep tables
  • Semi-vertical display cabinets
  • Reach-in vertical cases and refrigerators

Any unit storing cooled perishables needs maintenance to keep it running, like any other refrigeration equipment. While food service providers often use units in their commercial kitchens, so do flower shop owners, hospitals, and clinics. We help manage your refrigeration systems to prevent problems that could spoil food, medicines, or other supplies.

How Our Refrigeration Experts Help

We study various commercial refrigeration units to learn how to install, diagnose, and fix them. Commercial systems use specialized connections, wiring, and tubing different from residential systems. Our training ensures we understand the differences, the needs of each unit, and how to care for them.

We manage the entire system and unit, whether the issue is inside or outside of it. Our technicians check and fix all refrigeration components, from evaporators and condenser coils to drain lines and loose electrics.

We also assist with new installations to provide new refrigeration equipment. After checking the type of unit you have purchased and your installation location, we make all the needed connections and do preliminary cleaning. We double-check that the system functions immediately, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

When To Call a Technician

Most cold storage units do not break down without warning. We suggest you keep an eye out for:

  • Stagnant or musty air
  • Warm spots
  • Unit freezing colder than set
  • Melting ice or spilled water
  • Rattling noises
  • Power turning off and on

Keeping up-to-date on monthly, quarterly, and yearly storage maintenance can help identify any issues before they cause damage The faster you call a technician to fix the problem, the more likely you can restore what you have stocked. Regardless, finding potential problems saves you money in the long run.

Call Us Today for Superior Service

Our technicians have helped Floridians for over 15 years, maintaining the systems that keep homes and businesses comfortable and functional. Customers love our quality services and attention to detail. We also offer 24/7 service to stop leaks and technical issues in their tracks.

Cusano Air Conditioning & Heating connects and corrects commercial refrigeration systems across South Florida, and the surrounding area. We take the guesswork out of refrigeration maintenance. Call us at 954-472-8002 or fill out our online contact form to start with us today!

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