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Every business’s heating and cooling needs are different. Many may think to save money by performing basic maintenance on your HVAC system themselves. However, not all HVAC businesses follow a commercial HVAC maintenance checklist.

By following a checklist, an HVAC professional ensures that every system component is in working order. It’s possible to do some maintenance yourself, but other aspects need professional attention. You can follow the below checklist to maintain your HVAC system.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance For Commercial Units

HVAC maintenance plans include preventative tasks necessary for indoor and outdoor components of commercial units. These maintenance services solve minor issues before they worsen. While you can perform them at any time, it’s best done in the spring to prep for summer and in the fall to prepare for winter temperatures.

Outdoor components require significant cleaning to displace debris that could stop their operation. Indoor units accumulate dust and sludge from dirty water, which can cause mechanical problems and clogs. Other issues professionals look for include mold and mildew.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is the first step of the maintenance process. While it’s possible to do this yourself, minor problems aren’t always easy to see for those untrained in HVAC repair. Professional technicians scrutinize the following:

  • Air duct and ventilation systems
  • Outdoor compressors and other units
  • Indoor air handlers and blowers
  • Refrigerant lines
  • Clearance amounts around each unit

Technicians check for loose connections, damaged piping, and refrigerant leaks. They will lubricate moving HVAC components and also help make your system’s parts clean and clog-free. They also test safety functions to ensure you, your employees, and customers stay safe during an HVAC emergency.

HVAC and Thermostat Calibration

Your HVAC demands change with the seasons. Thermostats can become uncalibrated after less frequent HVAC system use. The next step in your commercial HVAC maintenance checklist is to program the thermostat to the most energy-efficient settings.

You should be familiar with your facility’s thermostat. Whether you alter its settings remotely or in-building, you can save significantly on energy bills and future maintenance and repair needs by adjusting as necessary.

Air Filter Change

Dirty air filters lead to poor indoor air quality. An air filter change is vital to maintenance that prevents overheating and airflow issues.

Depending on the type of air filters your system uses and the season, your air filter could get clogged faster. Changing your air filters three to six months apart ensures your air quality remains high.

Drain Line Cleaning

Technicians use state-of-the-art HVAC equipment to service your drain lines, drain pans, and other components. These components clog with debris and sludge as dust collects in the interior of furnaces and air conditioners and mixes with condensation. Maintenance protects your building from water damage.

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